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Snake wine is the most famous medicinal drink in Asia and we are selling authentic Snake wine from Vietnam since 1990. Our products are made at the unique snake village near Hanoi in Vietnam.

You can order Snake wine from all European country as UK, Canada, United States, Australia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, and from USA, but we also have orders from South-America and Africa.

Our snakes grow in our official registered Snake farm in Vietnam near Hanoi and you won’t have to pay any custom duty when buying less than 10 Snake wine bottles, but in case your local customs office would charge you for our Snake liquor we will refund you after you show us the receipts.

You can check the feedback section of this website if you want to know what our customers have to say about our products and service but feel free to ask us any further information you might need by using this contact form.

When buying our Snake wineyou help our people to improve their lifestyle and their daily wages.

Thank you from all our community.